The Good Laundry Bag
The Good Laundry Bag
The Good Laundry Bag

The Good Laundry Bag

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Size: 50x70cm
Material: 100% food grade nylon, 50 μm mesh

Why are microfibers harmful to the environment?

Did you know that approximately every 6kg cycle of a washing machine could release over 700,000 microscopic plastic fibres into the environment? Read more here.

Microfibres that shed from our synthetic clothing are too small to be filtered in a washing machine or water treatment plants. This laundry mesh bag traps microfibres and stops them from entering from our water systems.

How does the bag work?

The bag is made up of very finely woven mesh to trap microfibres. It also minimises fibre shedding by reducing friction between clothes during washing. This bag can be used to wash your everyday laundry, particularly synthetics (polyester, nylon, acrylic, fleeces, etc).

Fill up to 3/4 full, as clothes need space to move around in the wash.

Collect the fibres shed and dispose in general trash. Do NOT rinse the bag as it defeats the purpose of filtering out the microfibers.

Why should I purchase it?

The bag not only extends the life of your garments, as fewer fibres shed when washed inside but it also protects the environment by preventing microfibers from entering our wastewater system (and eventually into our bodies). Benefits both you and the earth!

The lifespan of the laundry bag is up to 8 years, depending on daily usage.

What happens to the bag at the end of its lifespan?

The laundry bag is recyclable!